Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Nepal Chain Stitch Beaded Bracelet

The nepal chain stitch is a very easy stitch and it works up quickly too. However, it is a bit tricky as it needs a lot of tension and as such, you need to pull your thread very tight and often. Also, to prevent it from twisting, you need to hold the middle(stem) in order to overcome this.

1. size 1or 2 or 3 seed beads in 2 colours(SBA and SBB)
2. Beading thread
3. Beading needle

1. Cut a length of thread and insert a needle at one end. Add a stop bead to the other end.

2. Pick up 3SBA+ 5SBB and slide them down to the stop bead.

2. Pass needle down through the 3rd and 2nd SBA

 3. Now pass the needle back up through the and then up through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd SBA. Pull snug.

4. Pick up 3SBA+5SBB and slide down to the bead work. 

5. Pass needle back through the last 3SBA picked above. Pull tight
6. Pass your needle through the the 5th SBB of the previous petal(SBB Picked in step 1)

7. Keep Repeating steps 4 to 6 till you get your desired length.







Happy beading :)


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